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Mii O’o Waa-izhichigeyang Omaa Endazhi-gikinoo’amaading Neyaashiing
Mii o’o waa-izhichigeyang omaa endazhi-gikinoo’amaading Neyaashiing ezhinikaadeg gidinwewininaan miinawaa gidizhitwaawininaan miinawaa ishkweyaang
gaa-pi-izhiwebak ji-aabajitooyang iniw gaa-pi-izhi-gikinoo’amaagooyang weweni
ji-wiijayaawangwaa giiji-anishinaabeminaanig miinawaa bakaan ezhitwaajig ji-ani-wiidookawangwaa ji-minjimendamowaad gekinoo’amawindwaa miinawaa gakina awiiya ji-manaadenimaawaad miinawaa ji-ayinendamowaad miinawaa ji manaaji’idizowaad
omaa weweni endazhi-wiidookawangwaa gikinoo’amawindwaa weweni ji-wiiji’idiwaad miinawaa go iniw chi-aya’aan ji-mashkawisidong i’iw wiidookodaadiwin gekinoo’amaagejig miinawaa gikinoo’amaaganag miinawaa weniijaanisijig.
Mii omaa asigising bebakaan gikinoo’amaadiwin
ezhi-nisidotamowaad miinawaa gikinoo’amawaawag weweni ji-ani-bami’idizowaad.

Welcome to Nay Ah Shing Schools
The mission of Nay ah Shing Schools is to teach Ojibwe language, culture, tradition, history, and skill to live in two cultures by:
☙ Educating students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in a safe and supportive environment
☙ Building relationships and socializing skills by teaching respect for themselves, for elders and for all individuals.
☙ Creating strong partnerships with parents
☙ Accomodation of learning styles and teaching life skills
☙ Inspiring each other to do our best in service to all our relations


About our Schools
The Nay Ah Shing Tribal School was developed in 1975 as a result of community and tribal leaders' vision and desire to provide educational services for the reservation children. The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Reservation is comprised of three small communities in central Minnesota. They are District 1 Mille Lacs, District 2 East Lake, and District 3 Lake Lena. We provide Pre-school through Grade 12 educational services to students from all three districts. Tribal Leaders and Elders are continually working to further develop and enhance these school programs. Both our students and our staff are required to follow the guidelines and policies established by the state of Minnesota, the Bureau of Indian Education, and the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.


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