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There is lots to do at Nay ah Shing.
We have sports, clubs, activities, field trips, cultural activities, and more.
Keep an eye on this page for the latest opportunity.


DateDayEvents and Activities
Feb 8MondayHS Tutoring Amanda
Feb 9TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Feb 10WednesdayElementary Basketball Home Game Bug-O-Ge-Shig
HS Tutoring Sally
Feb 11ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Feb 12FridayEarly Release / Staff Training
Feb 13SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 14SundayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 15MondayHoliday
Feb 16TuesdayPipe
HS Tutoring Sally
Feb 17WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Feb 18ThursdayElementary Basketball Home Game Circle of Life Academy
HS Tutoring Sally
Feb 19Friday
Feb 20SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 21SundayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 22MondayPAC(Parent Meeting)
HS Tutoring Sally
Feb 23TuesdayHS Tutoring Amanda
Feb 24WednesdayElementary Basketball Away Game Bug-O-Ge-Shig
HS Conferences
HS Tutoring Cheryl
Feb 25ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
Feb 26Friday
Feb 27SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 28SundayHave a nice weekend!
Feb 29MondayHS Tutoring Amanda
Mar 1TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Mar 2WednesdayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 3ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
Mar 4FridayHigh School / Middle School Auction
Mar 5SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 6SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 7MondayPipe and Dish
HS Tutoring Amanda
Mar 8TuesdayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 9WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Mar 10ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 11Friday
Mar 12SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 13SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 14MondayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 15TuesdayHS Tutoring Amanda
Mar 16WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Mar 17ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
Mar 18Friday
Mar 19SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 20SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 21MondayPipe
HS Tutoring Amanda
Mar 22TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Mar 23WednesdayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 24ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Mar 25Friday
Mar 26SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 27SundayHave a nice weekend!
Mar 28MondayHS Tutoring Amanda
Mar 29TuesdayPAC(Parent Meeting)
HS Tutoring Sally
Mar 30WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Mar 31ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Apr 1Friday
Apr 2SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 3SundayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 4MondayPipe and Dish
HS Tutoring Sally
Apr 5TuesdayHS Tutoring Amanda
Apr 6WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Apr 7ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
Apr 8Friday
Apr 9SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 10SundayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 11MondayHS Tutoring Amanda
Apr 12TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Apr 13WednesdayHS Tutoring Sally
Apr 14ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Apr 15Friday
Apr 16SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 17SundayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 18MondayPipe
HS Tutoring Amanda
Apr 19TuesdayHS Tutoring Sally
Apr 20WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Apr 21ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
Apr 22Friday
Apr 23SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 24SundayHave a nice weekend!
Apr 25MondayHoliday
Apr 26TuesdayPAC(Parent Meeting)
HS Tutoring Amanda
Apr 27WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
Apr 28ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
Apr 29Friday
Apr 30SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 1 SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 2MondayPipe and Dish
HS Tutoring Amanda
May 3TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
May 4WednesdayHS Tutoring Sally
May 5ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
May 6Friday
May 7SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 8SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 9MondayHS Tutoring Amanda
May 10TuesdayHS Tutoring Sally
May 11WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
May 12ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
May 13FridaySpring Fun Run / Early Release
May 14SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 15SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 16MondayPipe
HS Tutoring Sally
May 17TuesdayHS Tutoring Amanda
May 18WednesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
May 19ThursdayLeadership Team Meeting
HS Tutoring Sally
May 20Friday
May 21SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 22SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 23MondayPAC(Parent Meeting)
HS Tutoring Amanda
May 24TuesdayHS Tutoring Cheryl
May 25WednesdayHS Tutoring Sally
May 26ThursdayHS Tutoring Sally
May 27Friday
May 28SaturdayHave a nice weekend!
May 29SundayHave a nice weekend!
May 30MondayHoliday
May 31Tuesday
June 1Wednesday
June 2Thursday
June 3Friday
July 4Holiday
Aug 22Holiday
Sept 5Holiday